New Work



My new work  is in an evolutionary phase and has greatly changed  shape and form over the last two years.  It is by no means finished.

Early on, I was inspired by the philosophers, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard to understand the dynamics of group behavior, herd mentality and group think.  I did not realize at the initial stages of this project how closely this was connected to my Sanctuary Exhibition…or  3 other current  projects whose common thread is how group behavior is used for light and life.  This is a recurring theme in history and certainly one which is pervasive in  the political landscape of 2019 of the US and countries all over the globe.

My starting point  with the Herd Project was  to gain understanding of group behavior that explains the explosive phenomena  of plastic surgery for women ;  hiding our truths.  Groups of women having plastic surgery, violently altering and erasing unique  identities, wiping out individuality for the opportunity to have identifying marks belonging to the herd…often seen as  a mark of distinction as an upper socioeconomic indicator and a mask of protection for the group.

I have to thank Miles Stancil for his video collaboration on Herd and Curator, Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon for her invaluable comments on the work at its inception.  Thanks also to Jim Hardiman, my web designer for his  ongoing technical expertise.

© All Rights Reserved by Susan Pelteson

The madness of stampede
An archaic pounding in my ears
The herd demands that I
Erase my face
Fallen truths like dead flowers in a field
Years obliterated
Identifying marks lost
I am disappeared
No longer the other