Artistic Vision

My artistic work focuses on preserving memories, identities,  sanctuaries and dreams. I also examine the boundaries of inclusion and exclusion of individuals and  groups. We have forgotten the past and the  lessons of  history…with religion, race and nationality dividing us rather than strengthening  and enriching us. Illuminating this story in the year  2020, creates hope and a new opportunity  for societal  change.

My artistic process begins conceptually with the creation of digital photographic images, adding narrative and threads of light. Along with the images, I often incorporate elements of sculpture, text, sound, found objects, collage and video installation.

I fell into my own artistic journey  10 years ago, when I stopped my frantic pace as an event designer and nursed a dying friend for 6 months. I turned completely inward and began to see things in a less abstracted, more vivid way,  picking up my camera for the first time in 30 years. I freely photographed whatever I was drawn to and narratives began to emerge. I felt that  I had  finally come home…