Artist Statement

My artistic process begins  with the creation of digital images and digital composites illuminated across time. I work with dream fragments and surreal elements to create visual narratives.  Along with images, I often incorporate elements of sculpture, text, sound, found objects, collage and video installations. My objective artistically, in all of my work,  is to explore psychological landscapes of memory, dreams, sanctuaries and identities. Though the use of metaphors, there is a spiritual dimension to much of the work and a search for rebirth and renewal. The narrative themes in my life return to me over and over, changing fluidly  in different forms and shapes across time.  Questions, patterns and stories emerge, some known, and others, draped, awaiting unveiling.  The viewer is invited to look within…to what is above and below the surface, to what is concealed and revealed in my images. I seek a world where threads of meaning are brought to light and are perceived.  These steps toward self examination are for me, constant acts of courage and an exploration of what beauty remains.