The metaphor of shoes had long been embedded in my mind... perhaps because both my father and grandfather asked for their shoes just before they died.  I began a photographic journey years ago with the poignant book by Roman Vishniac, A Vanished World.  I then traveled to the striking memorial in Budapest, Shoes on the Danube Bank.  I soon strongly felt that I should develop a shoe memorial for the Holocaust using photographs as a way to preserve and sanctify the memory of precious lives lost.  During the time of the photo series, I would have a stunning personal experience that led to the video installation below.

In Our Places

Hiding in trees…surrounded by snow and hunger…thrown into rivers…surrounded by vegetation and dying butterflies…our children arranged shoes in circles to remember their places…there were miracles…we are in the flowers and the earth…we live.

In Her Shoes

A workman replaces flooring…the photographer cares for him as he works…he creates a new foundation and tries to restore order to her home. Trapped between the history of two worlds, we ask the viewer to be…In Her Shoes.