About Susan


Susan Pelteson is a former therapist and self-taught multimedia artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. Susan has spent decades attending museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide as well as artist and curator presentations about the artistic process.   After a decade of her own photographic experimentation, she was chosen to participate  in a group exhibition, Sanctuary at the Orlando Museum of Art in 2015. Selected as an emerging artist, she exhibited photographic and video installation work alongside internationally recognized artists.  In 2019, Susan exhibited several video installations in the Night/Shift Text group exhibition at  the Orlando Museum of Art.   Susan’s work is inspired by noted female artists: Louise Bourgeois, Sophie Calle, Mona Hatoum, Rebecca Horn, Eva Hesse, Kathe Kollwitz,  Meret Oppenheim, Adrian Piper and  Jenny Holzer.   Susan also has  a strong connection to and resonance with  the work of her great uncle, the noted Abstract Expressionist Sculptor, Seymour Lipton.

Susan has an MSW degree from Washington University and a BS degree in Nursing from University of South Carolina.

Artistic Vision

My work is bound with the thread of light, preserving memories, identities  and sanctuaries.  We seem to have forgotten the lessons of our history…our religion, race and nationality should not divide and separate us.   In illuminating injustice, there is always hope for change.

I fell into my own artistic journey 10 years ago, when I stopped my frantic pace as an event designer and nursed a dying friend for 6 months.   I began to see things in a less abstracted, more vivid way, picking up my camera for the first time in 30 years. I freely photographed whatever I was drawn to and narratives emerged. I felt that I had finally come home…

In my work, I use photography, video installations, structures, text, collage, sounds and found objects. Without formal training, I am not restrained by what I  should not say or do artistically. Everything seems possible.